Post-16 Mental Health: useful sources of information Websites

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If you’re worried about your own, or someone else’s mental health the links listed below offer a range of resources targeted at students with the aim of educating you on a variety of Mental Health conditions, how and where to seek help and how to look after your, or a friend’s, mental wellbeing. There’s also several articles on how to deal with and overcome exam stress and anxiety as we know that this can be a particularly stressful and overwhelming time of year for most students.

For more things mental health check out the Petroc Mental Health Committee Facebook page by clicking here.

MH Advice graphic.png
The voice for young people’s mental health & well-being
Mental Health Charity – A-Z of mental health particularly useful
Most anxiety-related issues covered in detail
Excellent CBT-style approach to anxiety. NOTE: same website also offers info on depression, suicide, psychosis & many other conditions
General info on anxiety and details of youth helpline
General resources and personal stories about MH
Most MH conditions aimed at young people and teachers
Very good resources geared towards YPMH
Booklets on many MH conditions
Young people & Suicide
Issues around depression
A-Z of key MH issues & conditions
CBT-style approach to depression. Clearly explained
Many, well-written NHS self-help booklets

Useful Links for Exam Stress

keep calm and study on


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