Everything Ellie Tech Dance: students look what you’ve raised!



Members of Everything Ellie including Justine Easton and Sophie Isaac (centre) alongside PSU officers (L to R) Jum Fernandez, Angelli Badillo, Adam Gillard, Oona McBride and Ewan Somerville

When we announced that our chosen charity for this year’s Autumn Tech Dance was Everything Ellie, it was touching how strong the support was from you, students. We said tickets would be gold dust – over 500 sold out in two and a half days. And wow, we were impressed with those Neon 80s outfits.

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We hope you enjoyed the night, and thank you for making it so special, all in aid of such a great cause. But we’re not the only ones saying thank you, because Everything Ellie couldn’t be more grateful. Yes, because on Monday (November 21) we handed them the cheque… Wait for it… for £1,388,38!!

It’s fair to say that when we met Everything Ellie on Monday they were very overwhelmed, proud, and touched by the level of support you have given them. Justine Easton, Ellie’s mum and an original founder of the charity, explained to us that this amount of money will fund a year and a half worth of rent for their Saunton beach hut, and move them a step closer to their ultimate goal of a getting a lodge. The difference that this will make to the lives of families facing such difficult times is unimaginable.

‘Proud as can be’

Justine Easton, Ellie’s mum and an original founder of the charity, said: “Our family feel as proud as can be on the success of the charity so far and particularly the Tech Dance & college students involved. These students would have gone to school with Ellie, seen how she quietly coped – they know what a kind and unassuming girl she was, and I’m sure this would have played a big part in them wanting to make it a huge success.

“Never would she have believed how much she was thought of by so many; it really is overwhelming. Family was everything to Ellie and to help others just have time together gets us through each day. I hope the students realise just what a big part they’ve played in its sucess already. Making a difference is a great feeling.”
Our Entertainment Officer Adam Gillard, who organised the event, said: “Our Autumn Tech Dance has been a huge success this year even though we have had a number of obstacles to overcome! Quite a few of the current students at the college were best friends with Ellie so it has meant a lot to us all that we have raised so much for a charity that was set up in Ellie’s honour.
“Everything Ellie is an amazing charity with some truly inspiring volunteers working hard behind the scenes. It makes me very proud to think that we will have directly affected the lives of families that are in the same situation that Ellie and her family were in, whilst having provided a great night of entertainment for the students of Petroc all at the same time.”

You are incredible, and we will sure be continuing the close relationship with Everything Ellie that we have developed in the last few months. What a difference you have made.