REVEALED: Tech Dance – fundraising for Everything Ellie


Petroc Student Union is delighted to announce that ALL profits from our upcoming Autumn Tech Dance will go to the amazing Everything Ellie. The local charity was set up in memory of North Devon’s Ellie Easton, who very sadly passed away in March 2015 to secondary Leukaemia Relapse aged 16, following a 2 year battle with Teenage Cancer.

As the Everything Ellie website says: “Everything Ellie hopes to make every day a ‘blue sky day’ by providing a simple day at the seaside, a break away from the hospital rooms for young people or Parents/Guardians with young families undergoing treatment for long term, life threatening or terminal illnesses such as Cancers & Leukaemia’s.”

Find out more about the charity here.


Ellie Easton. CREDIT: Everything Ellie

Ellie’s mum Jay Easton, a founder of the charity, said: “It is amazing and fitting that Petroc Student Union are supporting both a local charity and in memory of a school friend for many of you. The effects their year group has experienced will make the event personal. It makes me very proud that Ellie is still thought about and I wish you all an amazing night”.

Sophie Isaac, Everything Ellie Events Coordinator, co-founder and trustee, said: “We really are touched that you have chosen and are supporting our charity.

“It is very difficult when something so awful happens knowing what you can do to help and this charity has certainly helped us all focus and has made a difference to many families already.

“I would like too tell you about a quote that a father had written in the guest book at the beach hut on Saunton sands after spending the day down there with his family and his little boy who has leukaemia. He wrote: ‘Today we were just a normal family’.
“For me this sums up what we are trying to do make the best time out of someones worse time.”
Speaking for Petroc Student Union, Entertainment Officer Adam Gillard said: “We’re so glad to be supporting a charity that means so much to many of the students in the college, it really brings a personal aspect to this Tech Dance which hasn’t existed in the past. The moment that we hand over our proceedings to the charity will be very special indeed.”
Ewan Somerville, PSU Communications Officer, said: “When I suggested we support Everything Ellie at our meeting, everyone was in instant agreement which was touching to experience. It just goes to show that Everything Ellie has become a real integral part of the community, and continues to make a lasting, amazing impact on many lives.”




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