So, our Autumn Tech Dance charity has been decided – the amazing Everything Ellie; you have chosen the theme – Neon 80s; and we can confirm today that the venue remains Palace (formerly called Caesars Palace) in Bideford, the time 20.00-midnight.

But now we can announce that… TICKETS will be on sale ALL NEXT WEEK!

We will be at THE EGG between 12.20-14.30 throughout next week (Monday 3-Friday 7 October). Tickets are £5 each, or £10 including a private bus (more details to come). All profits from the tickets will go to the wonderful Everything Ellie. Thanks to your support at our last Tech Dance in the spring, we raised over £1,500 for an African charity.

Upon purchase, you will receive a WRISTBAND that you MUST wear on the night to gain entry into the venue. We will also have brochures, posters and balloons from Everything Ellie at The Egg so you can find out what you’re supporting by coming along to Tech Dance.

It’s going to be a brilliant night folks, and it couldn’t be for a better cause.

Any questions? Contact us or drop by the Student Union office in the Guidance Centre and speak to Laura any time.



EXCLUSIVE: BBC team reveal the wildlife secrets of New Guinea


It’s unmissable. This Saturday night, YOU can hear the experiences of a BBC production team who recently shot a wildlife documentary in New Guinea. The event at Croyde Village Hall, organised and hosted by North Devon Moving Image, will see the team’s film, Tribes, Predators & Me: Crocodile People of the New Guinea will be screened in full, along with exclusives from other upcoming BBC wildlife series. The team will also reveal behind the scenes exclusives from the Tribes, Predators & Me series and answer questions from the audience.

In an exclusive interview with NDMI, sent to Petroc Student Union, Dr Ted Oakes, Series Producer for the BBC Natural History Unit (who will be leading Saturday night’s event) said: “Over the last two decades I’ve travelled the world as a proud TV producer for the BBC Natural History Unit, having worked with David Attenborough and more recently with Scottish wildlife presenter, Gordon Buchanan on the BBC series Tribes, Predators & Me. Together Gordon and our team have also made The Bear Family & Me, Polar Bear, Snow Wolf , Gorilla, and Elephant Family & Me.

“I’m from Canada, but you just couldn’t make these shows anywhere else in the world except in Britain with the BBC. They’ve changed the way I (and hopefully the audiences’) thinks about nature. Many of these TV shows have had a connection with North Devon, musically or even just with something as simple as local quad bike training. It’s a little known secret but many of the people working at the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol are from Devon or North Devon.

 “I was pleased to be approached by Amanda McCormack and Keira Carroll at North Devon Moving Image (NDMI) to be involved with ‘North Devon Wild Shorts’ the first local wildlife and environment film-making competition. This Saturday evening 24th September at 7pm at the Croyde Deck Chair Cinema myself and friends from the Natural History Unit will host an evening of film, food and chat together with NDMI and local wildlife experts. It’s a way to get people involved with this festival and to make us think about our local nature too.”
NDMI and the BBC team will screen the BBC film Tribes, Predators & Me: Crocodile People of the New Guinea and show some sneak previews of other upcoming BBC wildlife series. It’s a chance to meet people working in broadcast TV, local film-makers and those with a passion for nature and the local environment and an event suitable for all ages. There will be food and refreshments on hand.
All are welcome and tickets are £6 and £4 for under 18s and can be bought online from the North Devon Moving Image website

To find out more contact Amanda McCormack at or telephone 01271 860610

Hey, #TechThisOut…


Listen up, because the Petroc Library Technology and Learner Services team have set up a brand new project for YOU to share how you learn using technology with other students, a fantastic opportunity to enhance your CV and make a difference!

The project, #TechThisOut was launched at Fresher’s Fayre last Thursday (15 September). 

Töm Scott, Learning Technologies Coordinator, said: “We’re looking for students who are enthusiastic, have an interest in journalism, technology or teaching, or simply have a little creative flare to join our team.

 “We’d like to meet with them on a monthly basis, possibly having a video conference with students at the MD Campus.

“During these meetings we would discuss our findings, and share knowledge with one another, and work out what we should be writing about in the near future, and work together to find the best ways to get the information out to staff and students.”

Between meetings, the team are urging participants to tweet, post videos and blog about the technology they use in their learning, search online for tips that will help other students and share what they have learned.

Aside from enjoyment and making a real difference to the college community, those involved with the #TechThisOut will get an exclusive badge (come on, we love those), learn more about technology and e-learning, work with lecturers to alter the way courses are taught using technology, invaluable experience for the CV and UCAS form and (because why not) cake and sweets!

So come on, what are you waiting for? GET INVOLVED by popping into the library, tweeting @PetrocLTLS, or emailing

Any questions, just ask the Library/Study Centre staff – they’re always happy to help!

REVEALED: Tech Dance – fundraising for Everything Ellie


Petroc Student Union is delighted to announce that ALL profits from our upcoming Autumn Tech Dance will go to the amazing Everything Ellie. The local charity was set up in memory of North Devon’s Ellie Easton, who very sadly passed away in March 2015 to secondary Leukaemia Relapse aged 16, following a 2 year battle with Teenage Cancer.

As the Everything Ellie website says: “Everything Ellie hopes to make every day a ‘blue sky day’ by providing a simple day at the seaside, a break away from the hospital rooms for young people or Parents/Guardians with young families undergoing treatment for long term, life threatening or terminal illnesses such as Cancers & Leukaemia’s.”

Find out more about the charity here.


Ellie Easton. CREDIT: Everything Ellie

Ellie’s mum Jay Easton, a founder of the charity, said: “It is amazing and fitting that Petroc Student Union are supporting both a local charity and in memory of a school friend for many of you. The effects their year group has experienced will make the event personal. It makes me very proud that Ellie is still thought about and I wish you all an amazing night”.

Sophie Isaac, Everything Ellie Events Coordinator, co-founder and trustee, said: “We really are touched that you have chosen and are supporting our charity.

“It is very difficult when something so awful happens knowing what you can do to help and this charity has certainly helped us all focus and has made a difference to many families already.

“I would like too tell you about a quote that a father had written in the guest book at the beach hut on Saunton sands after spending the day down there with his family and his little boy who has leukaemia. He wrote: ‘Today we were just a normal family’.
“For me this sums up what we are trying to do make the best time out of someones worse time.”
Speaking for Petroc Student Union, Entertainment Officer Adam Gillard said: “We’re so glad to be supporting a charity that means so much to many of the students in the college, it really brings a personal aspect to this Tech Dance which hasn’t existed in the past. The moment that we hand over our proceedings to the charity will be very special indeed.”
Ewan Somerville, PSU Communications Officer, said: “When I suggested we support Everything Ellie at our meeting, everyone was in instant agreement which was touching to experience. It just goes to show that Everything Ellie has become a real integral part of the community, and continues to make a lasting, amazing impact on many lives.”