Interview: Kristie Easterbrook

Kristie Easterbrook was a student at Petroc between 2012 and 2014. She now runs her own events management company called KME Collaborative. Jum Fernandez catches up with her to talk about her new project.

Jum Fernandez: What courses did you study at Petroc?
Kristie Easterbrook: So the courses I done at college included Psychology, Art, Photography, Film and Media Studies and Music Technology. I was a student at Petroc between 2012 – 2014.

I understand you run an events management company, could you tell us a little about it?
KME Collaborative has been set up to help artists we believe in and give them advice and direction through the music industry, going against current modern business models and keeping the organic values in music, whilst not constricting ourselves to one genre. The flip side of KME Collaborative is putting on shows across Bristol and North Devon with bands we love and think deserve recognition. As a collective we aim to put them on regularly making them as cheap as possible, as the company grows we aim to connect with charities that are important to us and our friends, as the ethos of the company is to help people through music as creativity and as abstract as possible, there are many ideas we have for the future!

Have you used any of the skills you learned from studying those particular subjects at Petroc when working on KME Collaborative ?
Each subject has elements that I incorporate into KME Collaborative . Phycology comes in handy when understanding social situations and dealing with a variety of personally types, which in Bristol is very diverse! I also try to do as much of what I can creatively and as hands on as possible, I couldn’t form company that had no creative and original drive. Music technology is of course key when putting on live shows, and my film course gave me a good understanding of how to write and direct music videos which I’m constantly creating in my head and currently planning with bands. Aesthetics and visual semiotics within music is one of my favourite things to engage in.

Have there been any interesting key/memorable moments during your work on KME Collaborative ?
It’s a relatively new company, so there hasn’t been much room for interesting moments yet, but i hope there will be! Although a memorable moment for me is putting Fathoms on as my first show, they were a band me and my friends listened to in college a lot, so for me it was definitely a memorable start, having the bands I put on stay over is always a fun experience too!

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