Interview: Jordan Stark

Jordan Stark did a course in outdoor adventuring 7 years ago, he now travels and works around the world. Jum Fernandez chatted to him to find out about the most exiting places he has been to since leaving Petroc.

Jum Fernandez: What course did you do/how long ago were you studying at Petroc and what are you doing now?
Jordan Stark: So I did a ND in outdoors adventure 7 years ago! Now I just working as a bartender during the summer and traveling during the winter, something I consider part of my “working career” as I gain new skills and make connection with people around the world that will help me later on in life

Could you tell us about some of the places you have travelled to?
I’ve recently come back to England after spending 3 months in the North of Thailand, somewhere I consider my second home. That trip was my second time to Thailand, a couple years before I had been backpacking in se Asia around Thailand Laos and Cambodia and really fell in love with the lifestyle. I’ve also spent a year living in Rome, Italy which was an amazing first experience of living abroad. 13388934_10154256280042238_291795775_o

When you were last in Thailand I understand you were staying in a circus based community, were you taught any new skills when you were there?
Haha for sure, On the surface I learnt how to spin fire, play a new instrument called a hang drum and took part in yurt building workshops. On a deeper level though, anyone who has traveled will tell you, one of the most important things you learn whilst traveling is to never judge anyone based on how they look, where they’re from, how they talk or walk. You meet people from all over the world when you travel, people you would never normally meet. These people are usually the most “crazy looking” out there people you can find, outcasts from “normal society” but you would be amazed if you take a step back and get to know them , everyone is a teacher and has something you can learn from, an experience, a skill, maybe just a hug. I couldn’t put into words how much I’ve learnt along the way but everyday is a lesson.

What’s the fondest memory you have from your travels?
One memory that stand out is my first real “culture experience”. I was out adventuring in the Thai mountains just exploring the scenery and hunting for hotsprings in the jungle. As it started to get dark I headed into a small village far off the tourist track, looking to find a place to eat. By this time is was very dark and nowhere was open. I found some locals in the front of a house courtyard and tried to ask them if there was anywhere to eat using basic hand to month hand signs haha. Excitedly they invited me into their home and prepared a full Thai meal offering me anything they had. It was an amazing moment and I really thought to myself the day was now perfect and nothing could top this. To my surprise it was. After eating, they locals took me to a remote hotspring no tourist knew about, deep in the jungle. We laughed as we tried to communicate and play games around a big fire they had built. Again I had the same thought and again I was suprised. They invited me to spend the night in their Home and insisted I sleep in the biggest bed. I woke up to breakfast being made for me! The poorest of the community were doing more for me than anyone else ever had, giving me everything and asking for nothing in return. We spent the morning going up to their Buddhist temple where I was introduced to the head monk and prayed over. I’ve never had such unconditional love shown by a stranger, let alone to a foreigner who didn’t even speak their language. Truly the poorest have the biggest hearts.



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