Get ready to vote over the EU folks!

You may or may not be aware that there’s been much political squabbling lately between the Stronger In and Brexit camps over the European Union referendum. Britain faces the big question on Thursday, 23 May and guess what? If you’re 18, YOU CAN VOTE!

But contain your excitement briefly because first you need to be REGISTERED to vote, and the deadline is 7 June. That’s where we come in…

What’s happening?

On Thursday, 12 May we will be joining local Stronger In and Brexit campaigners at the Egg between 12.30-14.30. We will have computers and plenty of information so we can get y’all registered to vote. Also, each campaign will be providing information about the fundamental arguments of either side. All we need from you is for you to have your National Insurance number handy so we can get you registered – it only takes 2 minutes!

It’s as easy as that, so why not stop by and see us at the egg? We’re looking forward to it and we hope you are too – see you there!

Need some advice on what to vote? Here goes:

Why vote?


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